These Instagram-worthy McDonald's locations include a ski-thru restaurant in Sweden.

These 15 Instagram-Worthy McDonald's Locations Include A UFO And Teal Arches

Peep me at the ski-through window at Sweden's mountaintop Mickey D's.

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McDonald’s always offers a great bite, but most of the locations look pretty similar: red and yellow signs, golden arches. If you want something unique, though, there are plenty of stores out there that will surprise you. There are Mickey D’s all around the world with outside-of-the-box designs, and you may just want to add these Instagram-worthy McDonald’s locations to your must-see list. After all, nothing goes with a Big Mac like the perfect ‘Gram.

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McDonald’s with Teal Arches (Sedona, Arizona)

The McDonald’s in Sedona opened in 1993, and it’s the only restaurant of the chain with teal arches. The unique shade was ultimately decided upon over the yellow and red colors of the typical logo to avoid the colors distracting from the desert landscape.

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