Husband Saves Suicidal Wife Who Jumped To Her Death By Grabbing Her Ponytail

by Sean Abrams

Warning: This article contains explicit content that may be triggering for some readers.

A woman's attempted suicide in China's Shiquan county was derailed thanks to quick thinking from her husband, who grabbed hold of her ponytail after she threw herself over a balcony railing.

According to, police arrived in time to assist the man in pulling her up before Kang fell to the bottom of the seven-story building.

Reports say Kang and her husband, surnamed Liu, live in an apartment at the very top of a building complex. The couple was fighting over family matters when Kang made her attempt.

Body cam footage from the police captured Kang inching closer and closer to the balcony edge, saying to Liu to "let go" of her hair.

(Warning: Contents of this video are graphic.)

Thanks to the combined efforts of six policemen, the group of men were able to get Kang back over the ledge safely. Along with Liu's quick grip, it was Kang's partial positioning on 12 inches of drain pipe along the balcony's edge that supported her body weight and essentially saved her life.

"Her husband can't save by just grabbing her ponytail if there wasn't a drain pipe," one policeman stated in Huanqui.


The entire ordeal took place over the course of three minutes around 4:30 pm on Sunday. One officer suffered from a minor shoulder tissue injury.

After pulling Kang to safety, police reportedly attempted to calm her down and gave advice to the couple.

Huanqui notes that a head of 12,000 hairs can hold a weight of 12 metric tons (or 24,000 pounds), but it all depends on the strength of the persons' scalp.

In this particular case, Kang's life likely wouldn't have been saved had it not been for the 12 inches of drain pipe along the edge of the building she was able to prop herself up on.

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