Hurricane Matthew Shut Down Disney World And Now Everyone Knows It's Serious

GUYS: This is serious, so listen up.

Hurricane Matthew is on its way to Florida, and Disney World just shut down in preparation for the storm.

NASA Earth Science Photo

Did you read that?! Disney World will be CLOSED for a few days. This is serious, and Mickey knows it.

The category 4 hurricane is predicted to start battering South and Central Florida by this afternoon, according to TMZ.

It has been reported the Orlando park will close down by 5 pm on Thursday, with plans of reopening on Saturday -- so if you bought tickets to the park for this week, it might be a good idea to reschedule.


Hopefully, the damage from the weather won't be too bad. We can't handle the happiest place on Earth being shut down for more than three days.

The fact that the park will be closed is especially alarming because this has only happened three times before in the history of Disney -- all of which were hurricane-related.

Disney World closed once in the year 1999 on account of Hurricane Floyd and twice in 2004 due to the wrath of Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

And now, it's closing because of Hurricane Matthew.

On top of that Disney shutdown, Universal Orlando will also be closing today with plans of reopening on Saturday, according to TMZ.

Are you nervous yet? Because I am, and I don't even live in Florida.

Folks on Twitter are slowly realizing the severity of this storm after realizing Disney's rash decision to close down the parks.

It takes a lot to close down Disney World.


After winds reached up to 145 mph in Haiti, destroying homes and taking lives, we can only hope Floridians will stay safe.

Disney World will open again, but during the hurricane, it's definitely not going to be a "magical" place, that's for sure.