Here's how to turn off Dark Mode on Instagram to scroll easier in the daytime.

Here’s How To Turn Off Instagram Dark Mode For A Daytime Scroll

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The ability to use Dark Mode on phones and apps has undoubtedly been a game-changer for nighttime scrollers, but sometimes it’s not as easy to go back to a regular screen as you might think. Instagram Dark Mode debuted in 2019, and it’s super helpful when the sun goes down or when you want to keep your phone screen a more muted tone. Even though it’s a welcome innovation, you’re probably not going to want it turned on all the time. If you aren’t sure how to turn off Dark Mode on Instagram, there are a few easy steps you can follow to ensure you always have control over the brightness of your phone screen.

Dark Mode has been around for a while, but as a refresher, when you use Dark Mode, it reduces your brightness settings to give your phone a black background on the screen, which makes it easier to see in low light. When it comes time to turn off Dark Mode on Instagram, you’ll want to refresh yourself on which method you used to turn it on. There are a few ways to turn Dark Mode on and off depending on your phone’s brightness and display settings and whether you’re an Android or iPhone user. If you know which method you used to turn it on, that’s helpful when it comes to turning it off — but if you can’t recall, take a look at all the possible ways you can turn off Dark Mode on Instagram.

How To Turn Off Instagram Dark Mode On iPhone

If you're running iOS 13 or later and you've got Dark Mode switched on in your iPhone settings, you'll notice that Instagram is in Dark Mode when you open the app. To turn it off, you'll have to follow these steps:

  1. Close the Instagram App.
  2. Go to your iPhone's Settings (the little gear icon).
  3. From Settings, go to Display & Brightness.
  4. Turn off Dark Mode by switching to Light Mode.
  5. Open Instagram. The app should not be in Dark Mode now.

You can also tell Siri to turn off your Dark Mode. To do so, say "Hey Siri, turn off the Dark Mode." If you've already enabled the Dark Mode icon in your Control Center, you can also toggle it on and off from there.

If you’d prefer to have Dark Mode scheduled for the same time every day, you can do that in your Settings by going to Settings > Display & Brightness, and then select Automatic. You can choose “Sunrise to Sunset” to have your phone in Light Mode during the day and in Dark Mode at night, or you can choose “Custom” and enter the specific times you want your phone to be in Dark Mode.


How To Turn Off Instagram Dark Mode On Android Phones

On Your Phone:

If you have a phone operating on Android 10, you can use Dark Mode on your entire system. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Android’s Settings.
  2. Tap on Display.
  3. From the Display page, you’ll see Dark Mode and Light Mode at the top of the screen. Tap on Light Mode to turn it on.
  4. Go back to Instagram, and the app should be out of Dark Mode.
  5. If you still see Dark Mode on Instagram, close the app and reopen it to fix this.
Android 10

You can also toggle Dark Mode on and off in your Android phone’s drop-down menu. To do so, tap on the half-moon icon to turn it on or off. If you don’t see it in your Quick Panel, you can add it by tapping the three dots icon in the top right corner of the panel and choosing “Quick panel layout.” Then, you’ll see a page where you can add or remove buttons.

On Instagram:

If you only want to turn off Instagram’s Dark Mode and leave your device settings the same, you can change it directly in Instagram’s app. Head to your profile page, tap the icon with three lines in the top right corner, and then tap Settings from the menu. Then tap on the option that says “Theme” and switch your setting to “Light.”

Now that you know how to turn off Instagram’s Dark Mode on Android and iPhone, you’ll have complete control over your scroll both night and day.

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