Here's how to show battery percentage on iPhone with the iOS 16 update.

This iOS 16 Battery Update Brings Back A Fan-Favorite Feature You’ve Been Missing

No more guessing how much charge you have left.

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Now that iOS 16 has been out for over a week, you’ve probably played around with the best features the update has to offer, like the edit sent messages function and the photo cutout tool. One feature that you might not know about (but definitely should) is the new battery percentage monitor, which finally brings back the classic battery countdown that’s been missing since 2017. The best part is, turning on the feature is super simple — you just need to know where to look. Here’s how you can show your iPhone battery percentage with the new iOS 16 update.

IYDK, Apple took away one of its most helpful features, the battery percentage counter, when the company launched the iPhone X back in 2017. According to The Verge, the reason behind the change was because the then-new notch took up too much space for the once-essential feature, and made it so the only way you can check your battery life was by pulling down the Control Center, which remained the only way until iOS 16. With the 2022 software update, you’ll be able to always know how much battery you have left — no matter which iPhone screen you’re on.

The new battery life feature displays the percentage inside the Battery icon, instead of next to it in the Control Center, making it the perfect space-saver for the notch. Oh, and it looks super cute, too.

Stumped on how to get it? That’s because battery percentage monitor doesn’t automatically appear once you update your phone, and you’ll have to turn it on yourself. Luckily, the process is super simple, so if you want the convenience of always knowing your iPhone’s battery percentage, here’s what you need to do.

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone With iOS 16

Like many iPhone features, the battery percentage countdown can be turned on in Settings. To find it, all you have to do is:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Battery tab, then tap it.
  3. At the top, there should be an option that says “Battery Percentage” with a gray toggle next to it.
  4. Tap the toggle to turn it green.

After you’ve done that, your battery percentage should appear inside the Battery icon, which is located in the top right corner of the screen next to the Wifi icon. Yup, it’s that easy.


If you look closely, you’ll notice that the percentage isn’t the only thing that’s different about the Battery icon. Once you’ve turned on the feature, the Battery icon will no longer include the appearance of a draining battery level inside the Battery icon like it used to. (If you don’t have the percentage on, the battery will appear to drain as it loses charge).

However, according to MacStories Editor-In-Chief Federico Viticci, a beta for iOS 16.1 brings back the illustrated battery drain even when you turn the battery percentage on.

Why Can’t I Turn On Battery Percentage On iPhone?

If you’ve tried turning on the feature and it’s still not working, there may be a reason — and it might be a while before you can turn it on. According to an Apple support page posted after the release of iOS 16, the feature is currently unavailable for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11, as well as older iPhone models like the iPhone 8 and earlier, and the second and third generation iPhone SE.

There’s no need to get upset just yet, though, because according to MacRumors, the iOS 16.1 beta is bringing the new feature to the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11, which means not all hope has to be lost. As for when you can expect to finally get the feature, 9to5Mac reports that the update will be available sometime in October 2022.

I know iOS 16 just came out, but I already can’t wait for iOS 16.1, TBH.