Here's how to get Skittles Simmons Sleep Bed.

This Bed Is Literally Stocked With Skittles, So Sweet Dreams

This will seriously satisfy your sweet tooth (and your sleep).

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of Simmons

There’s a new collab that’ll seriously upgrade your sleep and satisfy your sweet tooth. Skittles and Simmons partnered to release a murphy bed that features a candy-dispensing machine so that you can have easy access to your favorite treats whenever you want. But there’s a catch — there’s only one Skittles Simmons Sleep Bed available, which means you’ll need to act fast. If you’re on the lookout for a special holiday gift for your BFF (or yourself), here’s how to get Skittles Simmons Sleep Bed.

Skittles and Simmons dropped the new collab on Monday, Dec. 6, and it’s the ultimate bed for anyone with a sweet tooth. After all, the Skittles Simmons Sleep Bed is the first ever bed that actually dispenses Skittles candy, and since it’s a murphy bed, it’s such a convenient upgrade to any room. The front of the murphy bed includes a sweet candy-dispensing machine that holds all the colorful Skittles candies you could dream of, as well as the logos of both Skittles and Simmons. Once you slide the dispensing machine to the right, you’ll be able to fold down your Simmons twins mattress. Since you have the option to hide the mattress whenever you’d like, this bed is seriously perfect for when you’re entertaining guests in the day or just looking to make more space in your room.

There’s only one Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed available for the price of $1.50 (the average cost of a pack of Skittles). To snag the product, you’ll want to head to the Simmons Sweet Sleep website, where you’ll be able to purchase the bed at some time after 1 p.m. ET on Monday, Dec. 13. Though the exact time of release hasn’t been unveiled, you can sign up on the website or follow Simmons on Instagram for more clues.

Courtesy of Simmons

BTW, only one Simmons Sweet Sleep bed exists, which means it won’t be restocked after it’s gone. That means you’ll want to order ASAP once it’s officially on sale if you’re looking to ring in the new year with some sweet comfort.

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