Dream Job
You could earn $1,500 by taking part in Eachnight's nap job.

This Literal Dream Job Will Pay You $1.5K For Taking Naps

When can I start?

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One company will pay five people to re-discover the art of the mid-day nap. Mattress review website Eachnight is conducting a month-long sleep study to see how napping for different lengths of time affects things like your productivity, energy levels, and memory (and, if you’re in desperate need of some extra zzzs and are at least 18 years old, you’re a prime candidate). Ready for a literal dream job? Here’s how to get apply for the gig that’ll pay you $1,500 to be a “nap reviewer.”

Until May 31, you can cast your name in the running for the job by filling out a form on Eachnight’s website with some personal information, including your name, your birth date, and where you live. Both amateur and seasoned nappers are welcomed to apply, but you’ll need to compose a pretty compelling argument why you’d made the ultimate “nap reviewer,” including sharing any relevant experience writing reviews and your general love of sleep.

Keep in mind that although you can be located in any country to apply, you must have strong English writing skills so you can craft reviews of your naps during the month-long job. Since the study will be delving into things like “the best nap duration for feeling refreshed, the effects of napping on overall levels of fatigue, and the effects of napping on memory, motivation, and productivity,” you can expect to write and speak on those topics following your snooze sessions.

As for the fine print, one of the biggest caveats is that you’ll have to commit to taking a nap a day for 30 days straight, and that you’ll have a video call both before and after your naps to check in and share your experience. The company also says it’s important that you’re able to sleep alone during these test naps to make sure that you aren’t disturbed. At the end of 30 days of participation, the five nap reviewers will get $1,500 each.

Keep in mind that if you’re a successful applicant, you’ll have to be able to start work, i.e. start your daily napping routine, right away. So, once May 31 comes around, make sure to check your email to see if you’ll be able to cash in on some regular snooze seshes.