How to use Widgetsmith to add widgets to your iPhone lock screen.

Customize Your iPhone Lock Screen Even Further With These Widgets

There’s so much you can do.

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How many Lock Screens have you created for your iPhone since the new iOS 16 came out? If you’re only rocking one, you might want to get in on all the customizations that are available, especially the widgets. Widgetsmith is your go-to when it comes to making a Lock Screen and Home Screen that are perfectly fit to your needs and personality — we’re talking aesthetics, baby. ICYDK, it’s an app that lets you customize your Home and Lock Screens with an extensive widget selection to choose from. It expands your options from the iPhone basics that will make your lock screen one-of-a-kind. Here’s how to use Widgetsmith to add widgets to your iPhone Lock Screen.

On the iOS 16 Lock Screen, you can add widgets from Batteries, Calendar, Clock, Fitness, Home, News, Reminders, Stocks, and Weather. Within each widget are additional categories, such as world clocks and alarms in Clock or precipitation and wind in Weather. Apple’s options are plentiful, but why stop there? Widgetsmith lets you change up the look and font of your widgets so you can have more fun with iOS 16’s Lock Screens.

Even Apple featured Widgetsmith after its iOS 14 release in 2020, calling it “the go-to app for tailoring them to suit your style.” Widgetsmith can also be used to edit your Home Screen widgets as Apple wrote, it takes “Home Screen customization to the next level.” Now, it’s taking Lock Screens to the next level too.

Features Widgetsmith Has That iOS 16 Doesn’t

Widgetsmith is a handy app that will make you seem oh-so tech savvy. It’s also got cool widgets that the basic iOS 16 doesn’t. You can make your favorite photo a widget or choose from a range of symbols. Astronomy lovers can track the moon phase and sun path with the Astronomy widget. Plus, it expands on the existing offerings from iOS widgets.

In health-related widgets, you can add a step counter and goal bar to track progress. There’s different ways to see time with decimal time, digital clock and location in one, or spelled out in quarters. Premium paid features will get you in-depth weather updates with hourly and daily weather, pollen, tide, and more.

How To Use Widgetsmith To Edit Lock Screens

  • Download the Widgetsmith app from the App Store.
  • Open the app and select Lock Screen.
  • Choose between circular or rectangular widgets.
  • Select a widget and edit it to your liking.
  • Widgetsmith will number your widgets by default but you can also rename it.
  • Go to your Lock Screen and long press to access customizations.
  • Click “Add Widget.”
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Widgetsmith.”
  • Tap or drag to add circular or rectangular widgets.
  • Tap on the widget again to select your customized widget.
  • Enjoy your custom lock screen!

The one downside of the custom widgets is that although it looks pretty, not all of them are functional. Text widgets like “Elite Daily” written out can rep your brand but it doesn’t link to anything if you clicked on it. Similarly, a coffee symbol simply shows off your love for caffeine. All in all, it’s still a fun app to have and you can always opt for the more informational widgets. It’s like the life hack you didn’t know you needed. Widgetsmith is free to download and use, with several premium features that require a subscription if you want exclusive widgets. Get customizing to find your iPhone Lock Screen aesthetic and make screen time more meaningful.

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