This Pic Of Hillary Clinton Proves Selfies Have Taken Over The World


If you look me in the eye and tell me you're not obsessed with selfies, you're either lying or you don't have a smartphone.

We are selfie addicts. When I say we, I mean our generation. Millennials. Whatever you want to call us.

I mean, just look at this picture of Hillary Clinton with tons of young people taken at an event in Orlando a few days before the first presidential debate on Monday.

There's nothing like a good selfie moment to please a crowd of millennials.

All of these people got to see Hillary Clinton in person and instead of shaking her hand, they snapped a selfie. But apparently, Hillary invited them to do so. So I guess this was a mutual (and adorable) selfie moment.

She's all about it. Her full-time photographer, Barbara Kinney, caught this awesome moment.

This crowd was in the overflow room. Security puts people there to listen and watch her events on a screen when they're at capacity for safety reasons. According to Kinney, Clinton often goes to the overflow room to say "hi" after speaking. This time, she did more than just say hello.

Of course, the image went viral. It was tweeted over 22,000 times because it absolutely nails us as a generation.

We are so weird. It's now normal to turn your back on a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE to snap a selfie. Because this is 2016.

Next time I meet someone important, instead of shaking their hand, I'm just going to turn around and take a selfie. Selfies are the new handshakes, people.

Clinton herself is actually a huge fan of selfies.

She also took one with Kim Kardashian, the queen of selfies.

At some of her events, Clinton even grabs her fans' phones and takes the photo herself. That's pretty great.

I think Hillary Clinton is as addicted to selfies as we are, guys.


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