This Church Is Shaped Like A High Heel To Attract More Female Worshippers

What do religious organizations have to do to these days to get more women in their churches? Build a giant shoe, of course.

Or, to be precise, a giant high-heel. That's the idea in Taiwan anyway, where the 55-foot structure was constructed out of 322 pieces of blue glass by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area.

But the design features don't stop there.

There are expected to be 100 other female-oriented elements including "chairs for lovers," biscuits, cakes and maple leaves -- all the ideal accoutrement for couples' photos, obvi.

What's even more troubling is that it took only two months to build. Those looking to worship in a shoe can find the brand new church in Ocean View Park in Budai town, on the East Coast of Taiwan. Though it's still unclear what type of church it will be, it's set to open its doors next month.

While building a monument to ridiculously uncomfortable footwear is a nice gesture, maybe religious figures could tone down the traditionally sexist rhetoric to attract more women next time. It's just a thought.

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