Man Found Hiding Under Ex's Bed After Breaking In Several Days Earlier

A man reportedly broke into his ex's home where he spent several days hiding under a bed.

According to ABC News, Jason Hubbard entered the Spotswood, New Jersey house through an open door when the homeowner was taking out the garbage on May 7.

Homeowner Margaret Adamcewicz, told ABC-7 Hubbard dated her daughter five years ago and the relationship "didn't end well."

She added Hubbard "didn't have a home to live in" and apparently selected the Adamcewicz residence as a temporary hideout.

Hubbard hid under a bed in a spare room. While he was there, he allegedly used an outlet to charge his four cell phones.

Margaret Adamcewicz said,

I don't think he was eating. I think he just had water under the bed.

Hubbard was caught when Margaret's husband heard a suspicious noise and finally discovered the intruder under the bed a little before 7 pm on May 10.

The homeowner called the police while his 28-year-old son reportedly cornered Hubbard as officers were on their way.

Hubbard was arrested for criminal trespassing and charged for burglary as well as theft of services for his use of the family's electricity.

He is currently in Middlesex County Adult Correction Center, where bail is set at $50,000.

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