This 'Daily Show' Comedian Absolutely Ripped Congress Over Gun Control


It takes some guts to be invited to speak somewhere only to basically go after and call out the people you're supposed to speak to. But, that's exactly what Hasan Minhaj, a correspondent on "The Daily Show," did on Wednesday at the 72nd annual Radio and Television Correspondents' Association dinner.

According to The Daily Beast, after spending the majority of his routine doing what he was invited to do, namely poke fun at the current state of US politics as well as the presidential candidates, Minhaj quickly got deadly serious.

After a number of funny jokes about "broccoli" and "Toyota Camry" Hillary Clinton, "racist cheeto" Donald Trump, "cool substitute teacher" Bernie Sanders and how little Congress seems to get done, Minhaj turned to gun control, specifically the Orlando shooting and what it means for society.

He said,

Then he pivoted to Congress, and when he did, he hit Congress hard.

He concluded by pointing out the influence of lobbying and big donors like the National Rifle Association and asking Congress how it wants to be remembered -- as a "could've done-something Congress" that saved lives or one that was "complicit in the deaths of thousands of Americans."

Safe to say, Hasan Minhaj pulled no punches.

Check out Minhaj's entire speech in the player at the top, or skip to the 18-minute mark to hear his final remarks about gun control and Congress.

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