These Hanukkah Zoom backgrounds include so many festive scenes.

These Hanukkah Zoom Backgrounds Will Help You Virtually Celebrate All 8 Nights

It’s a festival of festive Zoom backgrounds!

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With Hanukkah festivities scheduled to start on Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021, families are beginning to navigate how they'll celebrate the holiday during a second year of uncertainties. If you'll be away from your loved ones this year, these Hanukkah Zoom backgrounds promise to bring plenty of festive cheer to your virtual celebration. From dreidel snow globes to some extremely aesthetic Star of David decorations, these background ideas will spruce up your online gathering without any of the fuss.

As of Nov. 17, holiday celebration guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that the best way to minimize risk of illness for friends and family “is to get vaccinated if you’re eligible.” If you’re not vaccinated, the CDC cautions against holding in-person celebrations, and encourages low-risk virtual gatherings. While this year's festivities might look different if you're unable to gather with your loved ones, you can still incorporate traditional elements of the eight-night celebration into your Zoom call, thanks to the perfect backdrop.

Don't have time to prepare traditional foods or decorate your apartment with a menorah? You can virtually replicate any of these elements of the holiday with royalty-free image services like Pixabay, Pexels, or Unsplash, or using images from Hallmark's blog. Once you download the image and upload it through the virtual background tab, you'll be able to toast "L'chaim" to every night of Hanukkah without leaving your home.

1. Dreamy Dreidel

What’s better than that warm, cozy feeling you get over the holidays? This dreamy dreidel Zoom background from Unsplash, which features a close-up of a dreidel with a candle flame in the background, is nice and soothing.

Robert Zunikoff via Unsplash

2. Minimalist Menorah

Making a fuss over holiday decor is a little overrated. This gorgeous menorah background from Hallmark is nice and minimalist. The delicate touches of blue and yellow on the candelabra add just the right amount of holiday cheer.


3. Just A Blintz

Why not get blintzed while eating delicious blintzes for Hanukkah, while using a blintz Zoom background? This background from Pixabay is literally just a sweet blintz on a plate that looks like it came right out of your grandma’s hutch.


4. Classic Menorah

Virtually light your menorah with this sleek dining room set up.

Unsplash/Element5 Digital

5. Cookies

What better way to start off your Hanukkah call than with a photograph showing a tantalizing cookie spread?


6. Dreidel Snow Globe

This snow globe with a blue and white dreidel, which is placed next to a wrapped gift, would be the perfect centerpiece to have IRL.

Rodnae Productions via Pexels

7. Aesthetic Star Of David

Speaking of centerpieces, this stunning Star of David made out of branches and flowers is sure to draw praise from your fellow callers.


8. Cookies & Gifts Spread

You'll feel like you're ready to dig into your Hanukkah feast with this 'Gram-worthy spread, which includes cookies, gifts, and a white crochet tablecloth.


9. Challah

You might not be able to enjoy your grandma's challah this year, but this golden braided bread is a pretty good consolation prize.


10. Dreidel Game

This photograph of a dreidel set up from Hallmark will remind everyone to get their spinning tops out.


11. Candle Holder

This festive set up with a sign reading "Happy Hanukkah" and an electric menorah is a more modern take on the traditional centerpiece.


12. Star Of David Made Out Of Book Pages

Book lovers will love this unique Zoom background from Hallmark, which shows a Star of David made by folding pages of a book.


13. Happy Hanukkah Door Display

Virtually welcome your fellow Zoom callers with this cozy door display, which is complete with candles made out of fabric.


14. Hanukkah Traditional Foods

Missing your mom's Hanukkah feast? This aesthetic table set up with dark green place settings, a menorah, and whimsical napkins will make you feel like you're ready to dig in.


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