This Guy Shows Just How Easy It Is To Hide An Assault Rifle And It's Terrifying


This country has made it about as easy to buy a gun that can kill hundreds of people in a short period of time as it is to buy a pill that will get rid of your cold symptoms and make you laugh at stuff a bit too much for a couple hours.

The massacre in Orlando last month was carried out with an assault rifle-style weapon called a Sig Sauer MCX rifle, which is similar to the AR-15, a weapon that has been used time and time again in mass shootings.

They're intended for overwhelming shows of lethal force. And they were originally designed for the military.

As the Washington Post puts it, these weapons share a specific purpose:

Providing a highly portable, customizable, easy to operate and accurate rifle for the individual who possesses it.

The AR-15 and the Sig Sauer MCX were both originally designed for military use and are now easily purchased in stores with, in many states, no waiting period or substantial background check.

One man decided to show how scary these weapons can be, by displaying how easy it is to conceal one (he is carrying an AR-15 in this video), along with 200 rounds of ammunition.

This is pretty much the scariest thing I've ever seen.

The problem with the AR-15 and assault-style weapons like it is not just its accuracy, caliber and quick firing — it's the magazine size. Weapons like these can hold up to 30 rounds in a single magazine and fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

They're intended for overwhelming shows of lethal force. And they were originally designed for the military.

It is pretty straightforward that the larger a magazine, the far more damage you can do with it in a short period of time. This country regulates everything, but the NRA has made the one thing that every other country in the developed world regulates off-limits.

Think about it like this: If there were a store that sold a weapon that launched butcher knives at 100 miles per hour in rapid succession at people, we'd be weirded out right? We'd be like,

Yo, you're going to have to prove you really need a thing that literally shoots butcher knives at stuff before we give one to you, and also that you are, like, EXTREMELY chill and have absolutely no history of mental illness that would even remotely suggest that you might do anything bad with this butcher-knife launcher — although, again, not sure why you need this, not even butcher's need this. It's crazy.

And then picture that there is a big organization that is all about the right for Americans to buy butcher-knife launchers, because our forefathers, who were also extremely into slavery (and dueling each other to the deal in order to solve simple arguments), used to be into throwing butcher knives by hand.

This analogy isn't even absurd at this point.