This Guy Fatally Shot His 'Dream Girl' After She Refused To Date Him


In some of the creepier news you'll hear today, a 19-year-old boy in Washington, accused of shooting three people at a house party, says the shooting was all over his "dream girl."

A bunch of teenagers were being a normal bunch of teenagers enjoying themselves at a party while Allen Ivanov waited outside in a car with an AR-15 rifle he had bought just a week earlier. It was so new he was actually reading the instruction manual outside the house while the party was going on.

Ivanov told police his first victim came forward while he was still outside. The male partygoer noticed him outside and decided to approach him. Ivanov got scared and opened fire.

After that, he explained to police, it was "too late to turn back" and his adrenaline kicked in.

This is when he went into the house where the party was still going on and sought out his ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui (pictured above). The one he calls his "dream girl."

Following his arrest Saturday morning, Ivanov explained to investigators he was the one who had broken up with 19-year-old Bui two months ago. But he had just recently realized it was a mistake. She was his first kiss, she was his dream girl. He wanted to get back together with her.

The documents make it seem as though Anna was not on the same page as Allen. She had moved on and he was jealous.

So what did he do? He entered the party and shot her twice.

Next, he shot a male he spotted running towards the house. Then, according to court documents, he went onto the balcony of the master bedroom and shot two more males. Finally, he went onto the roof only to find he had run out of ammunition.

At this point he returned to his car.

Ivanov's twisted quest of love lost cost the lives of three. In addition to his "dream girl," Bui, two 19-year-old men, Jordan Ebner and Jake Long, were also killed. A fourth shooting victim, identified by his friends as Will Kramer, is still in the hospital.

The young man is being held for investigation on three counts of first-degree murder, including one count of aggravated first-degree murder and a fourth count of attempted murder.

This is not the first time a man's sense of entitlement over a woman has gone to deadly lengths. Take the Santa Barbara shooter who left behind a series of videos condemning all of the girls who had rejected him in the past. Or more recently, the Orlando shooter who had an extensive history of domestic abuse.

Unfortunately, the list goes on.

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