Guy Catches Couple Having Sex In Middle Of Park And Decides To Give Some Tips


This couple is pretty ballsy... no pun intended.

They were caught having sex mid-daylight in a grassy LA park that borders an EVER SO ROMANTIC cemetery.

And guess what? They weren't even fazed when their outdoor love affair got interrupted by a passing driver.

The man who witnessed their risky public intercourse reacted quite differently from the way most other people would, though.

Instead of embarrassingly walking away from the situation and erasing it from his memory – you know, like a normal person – he decided to drive closer to the couple and take an explicit video of their sex show.

The footage shows a man hunched over a woman with his pants pulled down to his ankles. They're lying on a blanket in the middle of the grass.

To make matters even more awkward for the couple, the driver started giving them pointers.

Because why not?

If you're going to have sex in public without regard for those around you, you're basically asking for someone to intervene.

After approaching the passionate couple – who decided to keep going at it regardless – he began narrating the scene.

First, he said,

They getting in at the park, ya'll!

Oh, yes. Yes they were.

He then floored his engine to take a closer look. He starting yelling tips at the man who was doing the dirty, saying,

Get that thing... Stroke to the left... you gotta stroke it to the left, alright? Do your job. Go 'head, hit that thing.

Um, do you feel uncomfortable? Because I sure do.

After he was finished with his spur-of-the-moment sex lesson, the jokester drove off and left the couple to finish the job.

I'm so confused, though. Isn't this illegal?

What kind of park is this? How come no one else saw this happening?

So many questions, but not enough answers.

Hopefully, the couple learned from both this experience and the tips the driver threw their way.