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Guy Discovers Roommate Murdered BF And Live-Tweets It


How would you react if your apartment suddenly became the scene of a suspected murder, and your roommate was the alleged killer?

A man from Gainesville, Florida, live-tweeted his pure shock as his home turned into the site of a murder investigation.

His roommate, 24-year-old Katherine Jean Tonner, is being held in the Alachua County Jail over the death of her boyfriend, Jose Ricardo Ortiz III, The Gainesville Sun reported.

In a crazy thread, Twitter user @chaserojo broke the news to his followers before adding a series of shocking and creepy updates over the days that followed.

He told Elite Daily,

His initial reaction to the killing was, unsurprisingly, pure shock.


And the magnitude of the incident seemed to have hit home when he tweeted a police mugshot of Tonner.


Amid the chaos, he was moved into a hotel, allowing detectives to investigate his home.

This sounds like something straight out of a Netflix crime documentary…


It was a tough time for the roommates.


But it made moving out a pretty easy decision.




According to the Gainesville Sun, Ortiz's body was discovered by another roommate, who heard three loud bangs and then a fire alarm going off.

Tonner later called 911 to say she was suicidal and had shot a man. In an interview with a sheriff's deputy, she said “I shot him in the head” and “I never meant to hurt anyone.”

Tonner did not identify 26-year-old Ortiz as the victim, only saying she loved the man she had shot.

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