Here's how to guess Turkey Hill's 2022 Mystery ice cream flavor for the chance at a lifetime supply ...

You Could Win Ice Cream For Life If You Guess Turkey Hill’s Mystery Flavor

Put your tastebuds to the test.

Courtesy Of Turkey Hill

Turkey Hill is bringing fans a sweet treat this new year — a mystery-flavored ice cream. Although it’s easy enough to get hype about trying to guess the brand’s first-ever mystery flavor, the Pennsylvania-based company is taking the stakes up a notch by offering a lifetime supply of ice cream for one lucky fan who guesses the flavor correctly. So, as you plan to grab a carton of the sweet stuff, here’s how to guess Turkey Hill’s 2022 Mystery Flavor ice cream for your chance to win big in the sweepstakes.

Turkey Hill unveiled its Mystery Flavored ice cream and sweepstakes on Jan. 4, and you won’t want to miss your chance to win all the ice cream you ever dreamed of. (Think: Kevin’s bowl while he’s “watching rubbish” in Home Alone.) To start, you’ll need to grab a pint of the mystery flavor ice cream. The Turkey Hill limited-edition Mystery Flavor is available in the freezer aisle at retailers nationwide for $4.29 as of January 2022. According to a Turkey Hill spokesperson, you should be able to spot it at places like Weis, Giant, Stop & Shop, Wakefern, Wegmans, and Schnucks.

Once you’ve secured the goods and tasted it, here’s how to enter your guess for the 2022 Turkey Hill Mystery Flavor ice cream:

  1. Head to the Mystery Flavor webpage, or scan your ice cream pint’s QR code to locate the webpage.
  2. Fill out a contact info form.
  3. Enter what you think the mystery flavor is in the guess box.
  4. Click “Submit” to enter your guess before the sweepstakes are up.

You can submit one flavor guess per day through March 14 at 11:59 p.m. ET — so you may want to make a few guesses. If you want to shoot your shot without buying the Turkey Hill Mystery Ice cream, you do so using the same online form.

On March 15, Turkey Hill will select its grand prize winner via random drawing — only correct guesses are eligible as prize winners. There will be a second random drawing for other prizes after its grand price winner is selected, with a total of 56 winners for various prize levels.

Turkey Hill will notify winners via email or mail on or around March 15.

The grand-prize winner will receive ice cream “For Life,” which equals one 48-ounce pint of Turkey Hill ice cream per calendar month for up to 50 years, in the form of 60 coupons (valued up to $359.40) for the first five years. After five years, the winner will receive one cash gift card payment for $3,500 to use to pay for their ice cream prize (or whatever else you might want) for the remaining 45 years.

A total of 10 first-prize winners will get free ice cream for one year, 15 lucky second-prize winners will score free ice cream for six months, and last but not least, 30 third-prize winners will score free ice cream for three months.

With plenty of ice cream at stake, don’t forget to make a guess. You could be set with dessert for life. When heading out to buy the Turkey Hill 2022 Mystery Flavor ice cream, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.