This Woman Literally Drove Into A Lake Because Her GPS Told Her To

Millennials often resent the accusation we rely too heavily on technology in our daily lives, sacrificing real-world survival skills and dulling our intuitions.

In fact, if one of us hadn't just driven her Toyota Yaris into one of America's Great Lakes while following the advice of her GPS, we all might have been able to make a pretty solid case for ourselves.

An unnamed 23-year-old woman in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada was navigating through thick nighttime fog and rain when her GPS directed her to drive up to a boat launch at Little Tub Harbour and directly into Lake Huron, the Toronto Sun reports.

To her credit, the woman managed to grab her bag, climb out the window and swim ashore in the 39-degree-Fahrenheit water before the car was completely submerged.

Following the ordeal, the woman's vehicle was retrieved from the lake, and it was confirmed the driver suffered no injuries.

To avoid living your own real-life version of an unsuccessful attempt to ford the river in a game of "The Oregon Trail," skip driving in absurd weather conditions when you can, and NEVER blindly trust the machines.

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