Google's Year In Search YouTube Video Is Here To Give You All The Feels From 2018

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Get your tissues out, because the time has finally come: Google's Year in Search 2018 YouTube video is finally here, and it might make you cry tears of happiness. Yes, I you read that correctly: happiness. After experiencing the various ups and downs that 2018 offered the nation, you might be wondering how a summary video of the year could make you smile. Lo and behold, Google did it — and I am sobbing, y'all. How did the company create such a honorable tribute to the past 12 months, you ask? It just focused on the "good."

The emotional video, which was released via YouTube on Wednesday, Dec. 12, starts off by listing serious Google searches that reflect various incidents that took place in 2018. Some of those topics include the 2018 midterm elections, wildfires, resilience, dissent, border, dónde votar (where to vote), plastic straws, and more. However, the video takes a bright turn when the company announces that the world used Google to search for "good" more than ever this year. Soon after that's revealed, an uplifting video of a baby boy hearing his mother's voice for the first time takes the screen.

At that moment, I knew that 2018's Year in Search video was going to be an emotional one. Grab a few more tissues and keep watching.

Soon after baby Alex hears his mother's voice for the first time, the video cuts to various searches that show how people looked for "good" in the world. The first example Google uses literally says "good things in the world," and features video clips of the Wild Boars soccer team after being rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand. Directly after those clips, Google cuts to the "good news" search term, which showcases a a young boy who dressed in a superman costume to feed homeless men in Alabama. Are you crying yet? Because I was (and still am).

Following those clips, Google features the "how to be a good citizen" search, which alludes to the historic voter turnout in the 2018 midterm elections. And after that, the video features the topic, "good things to watch." Some clips that Google shows for that category include footage from 2018 sporting events, olympic moments, inspiring home videos, and more.

Are you overwhelmed with all of the #feels yet?

If not, keep watching. The video continues with the Google search, "how to be a good singer," and features viral footage of Mason Ramsey singing at Walmart and other heartwarming clips of people performing their favorites songs, including a baby and a dog at a piano.

That's certainly not it, though. Other Google searches that the video features include "how to be a good dancer," "how to be a good kisser," "how to be a good listener" (was it Laurel or Yanny?), "what makes a good role model," "what makes a good friend," "what makes a good teacher," "who's a good boy," "good vibes," and "good things in life."

It seems like the main point of the video is that "good things are worth searching for" (always). Regardless of what happened in 2018, people are still trying to find the "good" in the world. Hopefully, folks continue their uplifting search habits in the new year.

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