Google's New App Translates The World Around You Into Your Language (Video)

This is the coolest effing thing I’ve ever seen.

Forgetting Vince Vaughn in “The Internship,” I’d say Google is known in the world as an industry leading, forward-thinking company.

Aka Google consistently does stuff that makes us jump from our chairs and say, “DAYUMMMMMMM.”

The Google Translate app is no different.

This video is insane. I can’t even imagine the technology behind getting the app to translate words and put them on the screen in the same colors and fonts as the original words -- I mean, yes, there is a video that explains it in-depth, but like, I'm busy and stuff.

Very La Bamba, Google. VERY La Bamba. (The app didn’t actually translate “La Bamba,” so I’m going to continue assuming it just means “dope AF” in Spanish.)