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Google Releases Unsend Button With New iOS Update

Can we all collectively breathe a sigh of relief, please? The new Gmail iOS update for iPhones and iPads has the "unsend" button we all so desperately need.

All together now: PHEW.

This feature has been in demand longer than people have wanted extended battery life for their phones. Google rolled it out on desktop a while ago, but the phone version has been lacking it.

We're so happy it's here. But why has it taken so goddamn long!?


Now, there's a lifeline for all those who have ever accidentally sent an email to the wrong person.

Oh, don't play all goody two shoes with me. You can't possibly be reading this and honestly say there's never been a time you've made any of these mistakes:

a) Accidentally sent a scathing email about someone in the office to that person

b) Blown your load too early and sent a half-finished email to someone mega important

c) Accidentally fired off a flirty note intended for the colleague you like to someone else

Never checked off any of these? Then move along, pal. You're too good for us, and probably in line for some sort of promotion.

But the rest of us no longer have to live in fear, friends. The day of redemption is here. The "undo" button will absolve you of all your worldy sins because they'll never see the light of day.

There is one catch, however: You only have five seconds to unsend an email. After that, it's too late.

You HAVE to be quick about this. I guess Google wasn't feeling too sympathetic when it created the option.

Think fast, and the rewards are endless.

Here's you at work with the undo send option:


Here's you without it:


The new update was dropped on the Apple app store today. It's free to download.

It comes with some other cool features, as well as a fresher look. Thanks, Google.

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