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Video Of 'Ghost' Activity In Woman's Room At Night Will Make You Never Sleep Again

The Daily Mail uncovered footage of some very scary paranormal stuff happening to a woman as she slept.

The security camera, which is pointed at her bed (not sure why) has a night vision setting, so what you have to imagine is everything you're seeing in black and white is  actually happening in pitch black darkness.

That will make this already very scary video even scarier, which is my primary intention here.

I'm too scared of ghosts to not believe in them.

And if you're sitting there thinking this video is fake (which, uh, it probably is because there is no afterlife and life is short and brutal and there is no prize at the end) then you'll probably get haunted this weekend.

It starts with the door opening on its own.


Now to this you might think:

"Okay, whatever, doors open on their own sometimes. Maybe there was a draft or something, this video isn't scary -- Alec lied to me!"

By the way, my name is Alec -- it's very nice to meet you, want to rent "The Purge: Election Day" with me and talk about the genre constraints of horror movies? Call me. My number is 917-420- 6969.

Anyway, then this fucking happens.


She gets up and looks around for the light switch but it won't work.

Suddenly, the lights start flickering.


The scariest part of this is if it isn't faked, she only learned what really happened when she reviewed the tape.

Still, I hope ghosts don't read my articles or follow me on Twitter (HINT, HINT, AMERICA).

Although, I am single. And pretty lonely. Maybe I could get a ghost girlfriend and then write a book about our relationship called "I'm Not Ready For Commitment, She's Not Ready To Go To Heaven."

When I was a kid I wanted to be either a 19th century samurai rebelling against the westernization of the Meiji era, or a cruel kid named Jeff who rolled up the sleeves of his parkas and who all the second grade girls had a crush on.

But, alas, I'll have to settle for Internet Reporter Who Makes You Afraid Of The Dark.

I accept my role with relish and poise.

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