Gay Couple Got Engaged At Church And Received Amazing Standing Ovation (Video)

Trevor Harper says he found unconditional support for his relationship with his boyfriend in their church community.

Over the years, the congregation at the First United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas became his family.

So when Harper decided he wanted to marry his boyfriend of nine years, the church that changed his life seemed like the best place to propose.

In the video above, Harper and his partner, Davis, stand on stage as the former speaks to the congregation, sharing his “faith story” with the churchgoers.

As he finishes his speech, Harper pulls Davis to the front of the stage and drops to one knee to propose, surprising everyone. While still on stage, the two share a kiss and embrace one another.

The response to this beautiful display of love is extraordinary: Everyone in the church applauds and cheers, and the pastor gives the pair a standing ovation.

Check out the inspiring video up top.

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