This Frat's Major Move For The Trans Community Could Change Greek Life Forever

OK, so I might be wrong, but as a Brit, I thought fraternities were all about keg stands and borderline illegal hazing rituals.

So to hear one brotherhood is bucking the trend is a breath of fresh air.

The Chi Phi Fraternity, founded at Princeton University, recently announced it's changing its membership policy to be more inclusive of transgender students.

Sam Borchart, the undergraduate chairman of the frat's Committee of Membership, said in a statement,

We felt this amendment to Chi Phi's Constitution would change the conversation surrounding transgender men and their ability to join the Fraternity. The fact that this change comes as a result of Congressional vote is a testament that our Fraternity and its individual members want to make Chi Phi more inclusive. One change is never a stopping point, and we hope this opens the door to further discussion about inclusivity, particularly for transgender men who want to join us in brotherhood.

The initiative was led by undergraduate members at the frat's 151st congress, and the change has now been made official.

Yay progress!

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