Fox Sports Host Makes Terrible Mistake And Shows Her Underwear On Live TV

Fox Sports broadcaster Alina Moine had to act faster than ever.

During a recent live broadcast, Moine made a huge wardrobe mistake that resulted in a different type of news flash.

According to Daily Mail, while presenting a segment that covered the upcoming summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Moine accidentally lifted up her dress, revealing her underwear in the process.

The terrible gaffe was a simple case of Moine's hand getting caught in what she was wearing while she was lifting her hand to her face.

The good news, one might suppose, is the flashing didn't last that long in real time and, to be honest, the recovery from Moine was a good as you could expect it to be.

Her co-host, Maxi Palma, didn't make it any more awkward, either. He kept going with the flow as if nothing happened -- whether this was down to professionalism or ignorance of what actually just happened in front of him is unclear.

There have definitely been worst gaffes on live TV, too, by figures with much higher profiles, like that time Jennifer Lawrence wiped a booger from her face during an interview.

Things happen.

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