Jennifer Lawrence Openly Wiped A Booger Off Her Face On Live TV


Jennifer Lawrence with a face full of boogies has never been more relatable.

(PLEASE NOTE! THE ONLY IMPORTANT THING IN THIS VIDEO HAPPENS FIVE MINUTES IN! I mean, you could watch the rest, but the good stuff is at the five-minute mark.)

At some point early on in her career, Jennifer Lawrence was probably taken into a dark room in the basement of some major movie studio and probably told the following:

Hollywood is full of beautiful flawless studs. It's time for us to introduce a quirky Seabiscuit into the mix. Jennifer, you're that Seabiscuit.

And thus J Law went forward on a quest to become as relatably flaw-ful as possible while still being absolutely stunning. It's like her natural state is perfection, so she has to force herself every once in a while to not be perfect.

A fall on the red carpet here, a spill of an entire box of Altoids there, admitting she likes pizza and now the latest move: Wiping a whole bunch of boogers off her face on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in front of John Oliver during a game of True Confessions.

It's quirky. Too quirky. I don't even see the booger, but we are all told it is there and then, like the sheeple we are, we just believe it is -- a sort of “magic bullet,” if you will.

I'm on to you, Hollywood social experiment Jennifer Lawrence.