Organic Vs. Local: A Guide For When You Don't Know WTF Those Labels Mean

Spend a few minutes at the grocery store and you'll be bombarded with tons of labels.

These labels are created by the US Food and Drug Administration, which is in charge of regulating the food we eat, including produce, packaged foods and eggs still in the shell, and the US Department of Agriculture, which is in charge of poultry, meat and egg products.

The labels use terms like "cage free," "vegetarian fed" and "whole grain." The list goes on and on. But what do all the terms really mean?

Luckily, broke down the meaning of all these labels so you never have to feel confused at the grocery store again.

Cage Free

Free Range


Grass Fed

Grass Finished

Light or Lite


Low Calorie

Low Cholesterol

Low Fat


Natural or All Natural

Organic and USDA Organic

100 Percent Organic

Made With Organic Ingredients

Pasture Raised or Pastured

Raised Without Antibiotics

Raised Without Added Hormones

Vegetarian Fed

Whole Grain

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