The Fittest People In The United States Live In This City


Take note of the 10 fittest cities in America, the rest of you beer-bellied, nacho cheese dust-covered, “ZogSports is my one workout a week” cities out there.

Some cities just seem like they're healthier than other cities. I don't know what it is, but I always just assumed things, like people from Denver, Colorado were in better shape than people from Kansas City, Missouri. Are these assumptions based on my knowledge of the typographical or geographical landscapes of each place? Maybe.

More likely though, I think this is one of those things where you make a snap decision and then let it inform your judgement for the rest of your life.

I honestly probably made that decision on Kansas City being less healthy than Denver because Kansas City is known for barbecue, which is crazy because Denver also has barbecue.

But, we all can now stop guessing which cities are the healthiest thanks to a recent study put out by the American Fitness Index ranking the top fittest cities in the US.

Before we all get caught up in rankings and trophies -- YES, I WILL PERSONALLY BE SENDING OUT A TROPHY TO EACH CITY LATER TODAY -- just know as a country the US has gotten healthier! GO TEAM! USA! USA! USA!

Compared to last year, the study shows the smoking population dropped by 4.7 percent, and the number of diabetes-related deaths dropped by 7.4 percent.

OK, enough back patting. WHO WON THIS BATTLE?!?! Which American cities are the most bangable??!?!

10. San Diego, California

9. Hartford, Connecticut

8. Salt Lake City, Utah

7. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Seattle, Washington

5. San Francisco, California

4. Portland, Oregon

3. Denver, Colorado (Whoa! I WAS RIGHT!)

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

1. Washington, DC

This is actually the third time in a row DC ranked as the fittest city. Thanks, Obama.

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