You Can Play A 'Real-Life' First-Person Shooting Game On Chatroulette

Just when you thought the only first-person Chatroulette experience was a mediocre hand job, a British company called Realm Pictures used the video chat site to host a real-life, first-person shooter game.

The setup included a slew of classic FPS features such as weapon upgrades, a health bar that resets if the protagonist dies and an evil boss to battle in the finale.

In an interview with Mashable, director David Reynolds explained,

Many years ago we experimented with the concept of 'random stranger' control -- and one afternoon strapped a webcam to my head while someone followed me around with a laptop. The idea stuck in my head -- and eventually resurfaced while we were talking about fun projects for the summer. We decided to throw some of our indie film tricks behind it and see what happened.

The film company's church-based headquarters served as the setting for the zombie-crushing adventure, and Reynolds is open to bringing back the 30 people who helped create the experience for a follow-up project.

He claimed,

We are just getting our first feature film projects off the ground, but our fanciful conversations about what 'level 2' could bring are now becoming a reality real quick!

Looks like it's time to go boldly back into the abyss of convos with random strangers in the hope of stumbling across this awesome game.

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