Parents Accidentally Take Pics Of Their Kids In Front Of An Active Bomb

Two children were unknowingly photographed next to an active bomb.

According to Daily Mail, Kelly Gravell initially thought the mysterious object she spotted at a beach in Carmarthenshire, Wales with her two kids and her children's father, Gareth, last Wednesday was an old buoy.

Kelly, 32, said 6-year-old Erin and 4-year-old Ellis were fascinated by the object's appearance and didn't seem to care what they were playing with.

She reportedly said,

The tide was up so we discovered what we later learned was the bomb -- we just thought it was a buoy. We were more interested in the barnacles on it and the kids were looking at them while Gareth noticed that it had a chain on. I even made the joke that it was a big bomb at the time but did not think anything of it.

Just five days later, the beach was closed.

Authorities allegedly determined the object the Gravells thought was a buoy was actually a 70-year-old mine from World War II. The weapon never exploded and was apparently still dangerous, so a bomb squad arrived to trigger a detonation.

The parents now realize their kids may have been risking their lives by touching the bomb.

Gareth, 34, tweeted about the incident.

So the bouy my kids were jumping on all weekend turns out to be a WW11 bomb. Oops!! @LlanelliStar — gareth gravell (@Gar_Grav) August 17, 2015

While the family still reportedly plans on going back to the beach, Kelly Gravell said,

[They would] definitely think twice before messing with something like that in the future.

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