Guy Accused Of Raping His 'Friend' And Then Texting Her A Crying Face Emoji

A 24-year-old father sent a crying sad face emoji to his friend on WhatsApp after allegedly raping her.

Bradford Crown Court in the UK heard messages from Ryan Falconer's phone to the 20-year-old victim telling her he's "fucked up."

Falconer said in the text exchange,

I'm sorry! I wanted you to say no one more time then it would have stopped. I've fucked up.

He went on to tell the woman,

Come tomorrow focus on the good you've got. If you need me outa your life completely I understand :,(
Reconstruction of WhatsApp conversation / Elite Daily

The jury heard the alleged rape took place on the evening of May 16 last year.

Falconer was invited to the woman's family home, made his way up to her bedroom and forced her on top of him some time after 8:45 pm.

She told the court she repeatedly asked him to stop.

The victim asked Falconer to leave at around 10 pm. After he left, she googled "I think I have just been raped" and "was I raped."

The court heard how they struck up a friendship years before the alleged rape and chatted regularly on WhatsApp.

Falconer denies one count of rape and insists the sex was consensual and she did not ask him to stop at any point.

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