Facebook's New App Is Deleting Everyone's Photos And People Are Freaking Out

Facebook has a new app, called “Moments.” Not to be confused with Twitter's new-ish tab called, um, “Moments.” Purely a coincidence, I'm sure. It's not like these two companies are competing over anything after all.

Anyway, the Moments app is dedicated to photo-sharing, and is, perhaps, a response to Instagram's (which Facebook owns) waning popularity. Unfortunately, in order to get people to actually download this app, Facebook is essentially holding all your synced photographs ransom.

Yeah, if you don't download the Moments app by July 7, you'll lose any photograph that you have synced to your Facebook forever. Now, this may not seem like a big deal if you don't sync photographs to Facebook, but a lot of users are finding that they've synced their photographs without even realizing.

As you can imagine, people are not happy about it.

Unfortunately, Facebook, being the Keyser Soze of social media, can basically do whatever it wants. Remember a few years ago when they forced everyone to download a messenger app for no reason? Yeah.

We should just face it. We're all probably going to get Moments eventually. But, until then, I hope you get diarrhea on your virtual pillowcase, Facebook.

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