Officials Just Found The Remains Of The EgyptAir Flight That Crashed In May

According to Associated Press, a deep sea search vessel contracted by the Egyptian government spotted the wreckage of EgyptAir Flight MS804, which crashed into the Mediterranean on May 19, killing all 66 people onboard. The flight disappeared from radar last month as it was traveling from Paris to Cairo.

A statement from the investigation committee said,

[The vessel] identified several main locations of the wreckage, accordingly the first images of the wreckage were provided to the investigation committee.

This discovery comes just a few days before the batteries for the emergency signals of the planes recorders would reportedly expire, USA TODAY reports. It's important to recover the plane's data and voice recorders in order to help determine what caused the crash.

No group claimed responsibility for the crash.

Given the plane that crashed has 6,700 counterparts (the Airbus A320) flying around the world, it's very important the cause of the crash is determined.

Regardless, it's worth noting flying is still one of the safest means of traveling. Car crashes are 100 times more dangerous.

Simply put, part of what makes plane crashes so terrifying is because they are so very rare.

This new discovery has the potential to help us learn what caused the EgyptAir flight to crash, which, in turn, can potentially help us to make plane crashes even rarer.

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