Adorable Girls Totally Crush The Nae Nae While In Their Wheelchairs

This video is somehow both incredibly adorable and oddly empowering.

If I'm ever forced to do battle with an evil wizard, I firmly believe Brooklyn and Mayli will be my Patronus.

I mean, these two girls literally did a dance that primarily revolved around shaking their legs from their wheelchairs!

How is that not the most BA thing of all time?

I think I'm a hero because I eat gluten despite the fact my mom once told me I shouldn't. I am a lazy, Netflix-addicted, elevator-taking, call-in-sick-to-work-because-I'm-a-little-sleepy sloth compared to these two rockstars.

The best part is the girls are part of a dance class called Ayita Wheelchair Dance, which is specifically designed for children in wheelchairs.

The fact that there are more kids like Brooklyn and Mayli out there who won't let their disabilities stop them from performing to Silentó's best (and only?) tune makes me immeasurably happy.

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