Dunkin's paint collection with Backdrop is so vibrant.

Dunkin’ Launched A Paint Line, & It Includes 2 Familiar Colors

Now even your house can run on Dunkin’.

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Dunkin'

You’re probably used to showing off your love for Dunkin’ with your favorite coffee or donut — but now you can take things to the next level with paint that’ll color your walls with the brand’s famous hues. Dunkin’ dropped a new paint collection with online paint store Backdrop so that fans can transform their spaces with the brand’s signature pink and orange shades. Dunkin’ x Backdrop’s paint collection will certainly bring the vibes of the iconic coffee chain to your living room with just a few strokes.

Dunkin’ and Backdrop released their first-ever collab on Tuesday, May 18, and it’s much different than regular Dunkin’ merch collection. In fact, there are only two products in it, but the goods in question are super vibrant interior paint colors: Dunkin’ Pink and Dunkin’ Orange. The new paints are, of course, inspired by Dunkin’s signature pink and orange colors, which the brand uses to decorate everything from its cups to its stores. With the shades now available for purchase, fans will be able to turn their homes into a Dunkin’ dream. You can really get creative and add a splash of orange and pink wherever you’d like — whether it’s a small pop of color in your living room or bedroom, or even painting an entire room in the coffee chain’s beloved aesthetic.

According to the Backdrop website, you can expect Dunkin’ Pink to paint your walls a “bright, magenta pink,” while Dunkin’ Orange unsurprisingly dries as a “bright orange.” Both shades come in half gallons of Backdrop’s new recyclable, stainless steel containers. To make things even better, the paint has a low odor and a quick drying time (it’ll take around 60 minutes until it’s dry to the touch), making it super easy to apply.

If you’re ready to add a splash of Dunkin’ to your home, you can purchase the new product on the Backdrop website. It’ll cost you $39 for a half gallon of paint. Since the product is only available for a limited time while supplies last, it’s a good idea to act fast before it sells out. With new pink and orange shades to light up your space, you’ll be showing off your Dunkin’ pride like never before.