Video Of Drunk Guys Riding A Couch Through A McDonald's Drive-Thru Goes Viral

by Hope Schreiber

It seems to me I have all of my best ideas while I'm incredibly intoxicated.

Creating "garbage plates" of food by combining all the leftovers in the fridge? Great.

Constructing a 50-foot slip-n-slide out of tarps, trash bags and dish soap? Brilliant use of time and resources.

Smoking a cigarette backwards? Not my greatest.

Walking to get McDonalds at three in the morning? Give this bitch a Nobel Peace Prize.

That said -- I do always make it a point not to drive while I've been drinking, and I have never, ever had my friend tow me on a couch attached to their ATV. But the night is young.

At 3:19 am in Miramichi, New Brunswick, two men were arrested after their ATV-driving friend left them behind and led the police on a high-speed chase -- couch still attached -- through a parking lot, across a highway and onto a frozen river.

The drunk men left behind were arrested.

Corporal Lorri McEachern said,

When (the officer) put his lights on, of course he took off, the four-wheeler did, with the sofa still attached. But he left his two passengers from the sofa at the drive-thru. The two passengers from the sofa, or the couch, or whatever you want to call it, were intoxicated.

The driver evaded police, but the search is ongoing.

He got away, but they got the four-wheeler later on that day and seized the four-wheeler, so now they just have to locate the driver.

The two dudes, 28 and 39, at the drive-thru were not formally accused of a crime -- police are still trying to figure out what to charge them with.

But they were wearing helmets, so let them live.

McEachern said,

So, obviously safety was somewhat important.

I never knew there were so many annoying laws about drive-thrus. These guys just wanted some chicken nuggets.

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