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Donald Trump Was Actually Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize

This year's Nobel Peace Prize nominees include a number of brave individuals.

You have the Greek Island groups that welcomed Syrian refugees, a women's rights activist who escaped ISIS and sexual slavery, and the negotiators who ended Columbia's 50-year civil war -- not to mention, NSA hacker and badass Edward Snowden.

Then, you have Donald Trump, the orange-faced reality star, Baby Dinosaur doppelgänger and billionaire running for president.


See what I mean?

According to CNN, the Iowa caucus loser was nominated for the coveted prize by an unknown patron.

Wait, it gets sketchier.

Director of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo and Nobel aficionado Kristian Berg Harpviken told CNN that while he was "committed to not reveal the nominator's name," the letter was convincing. The mystery nominator extolled Trump for "his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China."

For a presidential candidate who's frequently stated he would "bomb the sh*t out of ISIS," his connection to a peace prize seems tenuous at best.

Granted, the Nobel Committee usually allows thousands of people to nominate organizations and individuals of their choosing. Let's just hope, for humanity's sake, there are enough worthy candidates to edge out the guy who's best known for his combover.

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