Adorable Dog Runs Away From Home To Visit Its Owner In The Hospital

An Iowa woman's dog ran away from home last Saturday to a hospital about 15 blocks away, looking for her owner who was staying there after having cancer-related surgery.

Dale Franck was shocked to learn that Sissy, one of his two miniature Schnauzers, was nowhere to be found.

He told KCRG,

I thought she just wanted to go someplace, but I didn't know where and she had never run away before.

About four hours later, however, he received a call from Mercy Medical Center.

Sissy had traveled roughly 15 blocks to the hospital where Dale's wife, Nancy, had been staying for around two weeks.

The dog went through the hospital's automatic front doors before being discovered by security cameras.

Mercy Security Officer Samantha Conrad said,

We looked up and there was this dog just that was just running across the lobby.

Security staff looked at Sissy's dog tag and were amazed at how far she had come from her Cedar Rapids home.

They used the tag's phone number to call Dale, who then sent his daughter, Sarah Wood, to retrieve the dog.

After getting to the hospital, Wood took Sissy to visit Nancy, who told KCRG,

I said 'did you sneak this dog in here?' She said 'no, she sneaked herself in here, Mom.'

Sissy had never been to Mercy Medical before, so the family has no clue how she knew to go there.

They noted that Nancy works next door to the hospital, and Sissy often rides in the car when they drop her off at work.

But Sissy bypassed Nancy's work and went right to the hospital's entrance, so whatever knowledge inspired her journey remains a mystery.

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