Ad Proves Dogs Are Only Hope To Bring Trump And Clinton Supporters Together


With the US presidential election finally wrapping up, it's hard to remember what life was like before this race even began.

What was it like before people started hating each other's guts for no legitimate reason? What was it like to sit in traffic and not be instantly ticked off at the sight of controversial bumper stickers? It's quite hard to remember.

See, whichever way you look at it, this presidential election has exposed the less appealing side of America.

It has nothing to do with the fact that you're voting for Hillary Clinton, or the fact that you're voting for Donald Trump -- America has been exposed and both groups of supporters have shown their true colors at some point...

So, this leaves us with one question and one question only: Is there anything that Trump and Clinton supporters would unite over?! (*Echoes.*)

Fortunately, I think I have the answer to that question! Drumroll, please.

Here's a hint...

The answer is dogs. No, seriously. In a recent advertisement shot for Pedigree dog food titled "A Vote For Good," we're introduced to a handful of Trump and Clinton supporters.

The video's description reads,

What's the one thing supporters of either party can agree on? Watch our social experiment unfold. #AVoteForGood #FeedTheGood

Normally, you'd expect both of these groups to be screaming their heads off at each other, but that was NOT the case when adorable dogs were involved in their conversations.

Instead, everyone forgot how much of a lunatic we've all become over the months and directed their attention to the ones who deserve it the most: dogs aka fur babies.

Let's just say, if you thought there wasn't a thing we'd all be able to see eye-to-eye on, think again. It seems like Pedigree might have actually found the secret weapon to combatting hate!

Check out the heartwarming video above.

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