25-Year-Old Documentary Exposing Donald Trump Is Finally Released (Video)

A movie exposing the alleged evils of Donald Trump has been released after being kept hidden by the Republican presidential hopeful for years.

According to Huffington Post, New York pet food tycoon Leonard Stern set out to make a documentary series about famous businessmen in 1988 and chose Donald Trump, who was a best-selling author at the time, as his first subject.

The film "Trump: What's the Deal?" uncovered the truth behind Trump's wealth: piggybacking off his father's success, abusing illegal immigrants, conspiring with organized crime and a whole lot of intimidation.

When Trump found out about his potential demise, however, he threatened to sue Stern and made sure broadcasters wouldn't show his work.

So, Stern canceled the series.

But now that Trump is running for president, the film's producers believe the public should know the crooked bully they researched hasn't changed one bit.

Check out the preview for the documentary, which can be viewed in full here.

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