Sunbury Police Department

Photos Released Of Guy Exiting Restaurant With Overdosed GF Over Shoulders

Authorities grew suspicious after a man went into a Chinese restaurant in Sunbury, Pennsylvania this weekend and walked out with an unconscious woman over his shoulders.

Before solving the case, police released stills of the suspect. He was caught on CCTV entering the Great Wall restaurant at 2:20 pm on Saturday, according to

Apparently, the unnamed man ordered his food, paid his bill and then walked into the women's bathroom.

Moments later, he exited the restaurant with a young woman draped over his shoulders. He then placed her in a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck parked outside.

It's reportedly unclear whether or not he received his food order -- but he definitely had a bigger problem at hand than forgetting his takeout order.

After discovering the footage of the bizarre escape and sharing stills from the security camera, the Sunbury Police Department was able to identify the duo, although their names have not yet been released.

It turns out the man captured on film was actually the woman's boyfriend, who carried her out of the restaurant after her alleged heroin overdose in the bathroom, Penn Live reports.

Sunbury Police Department

Timothy S. Miller, Sunbury Administrative Police Chief, said the woman's family called the police department after seeing the pictures. They instantly recognized the man carrying her unconscious body as her boyfriend.


Apparently, there are no charges currently pending against the woman's boyfriend.

While we're certainly happy to learn the woman in question wasn't abducted, the story still has a sad ending.

The man in the video might be considered heroic for removing her from the restaurant after she overdosed, but as viral photos of people overdosing prove, heroin addiction is a serious matter.

We can only hope her boyfriend is giving her the care and attention she needs to recover from her addiction.

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