Clerk Says He'll Keep Issuing Marriage Licenses When Kim Davis Is Back

A deputy clerk for Kim Davis declared he will disobey his conservative boss should she tell him not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Davis, 49, was released from jail yesterday after spending five days there for refusing to obey a federal judge's order to grant marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

Prior to the release, Judge David Bunning said the Rowan County clerk would face "appropriate sanctions" should she deny marriage licenses to those who are legally eligible.

Once she was free, however, Davis' lawyer reportedly stated his client "will not violate her conscience."

But earlier today, Rowan County Deputy Clerk Brian Mason told reporters any potential interference from Davis will not stop him from granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

According to the Associated Press, Mason said if Davis were to try to stop him from issuing licenses to couples, he is prepared to tell her he is legally bound to Bunning's terms.

Davis' attorney said people would "find out in the near future" whether or not his client will continue to discriminate against same-sex couples at work, The Washington Post reports.

The Apostolic Christian ceased issuing marriage licenses to all couples after same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, claiming allowing gay people to marry would violate her freedom of religion.

After she was arrested, six same-sex couples were granted marriage licenses by her deputies.

Davis is expected to return to work Friday or Monday, an email by Liberty Counsel, the conservative organization founded by her lawyer, states.

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