Dental Hygienist Gets Arrested For Biting Husband During Sex, So Be Careful

There's nothing wrong with getting a little wild in the bedroom, but this news story about a woman biting her husband isn't going to end the way you might think.

One dental hygienist from Ohio found herself in jail after a steamy night with her husband took a bizarre and violent twist while they were vacationing in the Florida Keys.

Jennifer Rahe Hickman, 42, was arrested Sunday, March 12, after allegedly biting her husband. And I don't mean in the sexy, "Fifty Shades of Grey" way, but seemingly in more of a Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs" kind of way.

Key West Police responded to a call about a loud verbal dispute at The Southernmost on The Beach hotel. When an employee of the hotel called Hickman's room, a man had allegedly answered the phone crying.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

When officials arrived, they found Hickman sitting on a beach chair, drunk and with her eyes closed.

FL Keys News reported that Hickman's son was also there and tried to step between the officers and his mother. However, he backed off when he was threatened with being arrested as well.

Hickman's husband described to police how, after a night of heavy drinking by the hotel pool, the couple headed to the bedroom to heat things up. In the following moments, Hickman became extremely angry and proceeded to latch her teeth onto his forearm.

Apparently, Hickman claimed she thought her husband was using her.


According to police, Hickman did not succumb to the arrest quietly.

Officers said she kept repeating, "I'm going to fucking kill him," as they arrested her. Officer Daniel Blanco even wrote in his report, "She continued yelling and screaming the entire ride to the jail."

As if there weren't enough teeth, dentist or mouth puns to be made already, the arresting officers listed "Teeth" under the weapon category of the police report.

Who's smiling now?

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