Middle School Dean Caught Raping 14-Year-Old After Seducing Her On Fake FB


Stanley Carothers III, former dean at Bradwell School of Excellence in Chicago, has been accused of raping a 14-year-old student.

He allegedly raped the minor for the first time last March after she was sent to his office for disciplinary reasons, CBS Chicago reports.

Around the same time, Carothers and the eighth grader began sending explicit messages to each other on Facebook. They discussed when and where they could meet for sex, and continued sleeping together for over eight months.


Carothers eventually asked the young student to message him an on a different account under the name "Trey Carter," where they continued their sexual conversations.

They reportedly had sex at Carothers' home, as well as the South Side School, where Carothers had keys and access to the building over the summer.

Shortly after the minor began telling others about the sexual relationship, their wrongful affair came to an end.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the student told her friend about the encounters last spring, but no police were notified. This changed quickly in November when the female told her family about the alleged sexual encounters.

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Shortly after police were notified, Carothers was fired from the school and the Chicago Police Department launched an investigation.

The dean currently denies letting the student into his house, and his defense attorney claimed the case was a "he-said, she-said issue." He argues there is no solid evidence to back up the student's claims.

On the other hand, prosecutors claimed the alleged victim wrote a statement the same day she told her family about the encounters and was able to single out the dean's apartment.

Other evidence that may count toward the case is the fact Carothers sent her into a hospital after ordering an emergency mental health evaluation.

Apparently, she was "uncontrollable" in the classroom.

One thought-provoking Facebook message sent by the student to Carothers includes an apology. She says,

Hey mr carruthers. I sorry that I lyed on u saying we did stuff. I didt no they was taken it this far. They dared me to do this.

The 29-year-old attended was charged with sexual assault on January 24.

He could be released if the courtroom allows electronic monitoring — but if not, he will hold a $150,000 bail.

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