This Dad Trolled His Son's Weed Habit In The Most Savage Way Ever


This dad SUPER sucks.

The battle between strict parents and the concept of weed has been raging since the dawn of time. It's just one of those things that will never get solved. There are inherent differences between each party that will forever cause an untraversable void.

Kids will always want to party, and parents will always want to be lame. Such is the world. Of course, there is some small bickering and back and forth between the two sides, but it rarely turns into anything EXTREME.

That being said, this dad's punishment against his son goes too far. Toooo effing far.

Selling his son's car and offering a discount to anyone who buys it in their area so the kid has to occasionally see it?!?! Does this kid live at home or that prison from "Oz"?

The Craigslist ad post by Allan Gieger for the car reads like a low-end revenge porn manifesto.

Gieger wrote,


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