Dad Jet Skis From Finland To Africa After Son Asked If It Could Be Done

A Finnish man entered the Guinness World Records after traveling from Helsinki to the North African coast by way of jet ski.

According to Daily Mail, Risto Piispa, 33, said his quest was inspired by his son asking,

Is it possible to drive a jet ski from Finland to Africa?

The 40-day adventure also aimed to raise money for a Helsinki children's hospital.

Piispa stopped at several countries as he cruised along the coastlines of Latvia, Poland, Germany and more on his Sea-Doo RXT 260.

He slept in a van that followed him on nearby roads to supply fuel and food, reports the Guinness World Records website.

Piispa said he has been truly seizing the time he has on this planet after doctors discovered he had a brain tumor in 2008.

Of the diagnosis, he told SUR,

This changed my life…I decided you should always try to fulfill your dreams because one day it might be too late.

Luckily, the tumor ceased to grow, and doctors no longer think he has any reason to worry his life will be cut short.

Here's some footage of the trip:

Piispa's 1,910-mile record is for the longest open ocean journey by an aqua bike, so it only includes the miles he accumulated in the open sea and not those accumulated on waters inside mainland Europe.

With the latter distance included, Piispa covered approximately 2,994 miles before finally reaching Ceuta, Africa, a Spanish city located on the edge of Morocco.

His achievement shatters the previous record held by Frederico Rezende, who traveled nearly 600 miles from Lisbon, Portugal to Madeira, Portugal two years ago.

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