These cute Halloween Zoom backgrounds include adorable pups in costumes.

These 14 Cute Halloween Zoom Backgrounds Feature Costumed Pups And Kittens

The only thing scary about these is how I can’t handle all the cuteness!

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Spooky season doesn’t have to be scary. If you need some Halloween Zoom backgrounds for your virtual calls, you may want to forgo the typical fare and opt for something light-hearted. Thankfully, there are many options that’ll have you and your video participants saying “aw” in no time. To switch out your backdrop to celebrate the holiday, these 14 cute Halloween Zoom backgrounds are perfectly festive.

Although Halloween is traditionally spooky, there’s no shame in preferring the cute side of the holiday over the creepy and scary. Most of these Halloween backgrounds come from royalty-free image services like Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay, and are downloaded in a couple of clicks. If you’ve selected a backdrop from a website like The Hallmark Channel, all you need to do is right-click to save it on your computer. Once you’ve got the cute image of your choice, you can upload it to Zoom by heading to the virtual background setting under Video Settings > Backgrounds & Filters. From there, just click the plus sign to upload the background you want.

These cute Halloween Zoom backgrounds will brighten up your calls with adorable pumpkins, pups, kitties, and more.

1. Ghost French Bulldog

This adorable Zoom background for Halloween features a French bulldog wearing a ghost costume.

Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

2. Jack-o-Lantern With Flowers

Although Jack-o-lanterns are traditionally a bit creepy, this one is a flower vase for marigolds, and it’s so cute.

Christina Hernández/Unsplash

3. Dog In A UPS Costume

This background of an adorable yellow Labrador retriever in a UPS costume will brighten literally everyone’s spirits.

Chris Leipelt/Unsplash

4. Ghost Pup Trick-Or-Treating

This adorable background from The Hallmark Channel features a ghost pup ready to trick-or-treat, and it will warm your heart.

The Hallmark Channel

5. Festive Macarons

These pretty orange and black macarons look too cute to eat and suit a Halloween-themed cute aesthetic for any Zoom call.

Damien Creatz/Unsplash

6. Tabby Cat With A Candy Corn Tie

This adorable background for Halloween features a tabby cat wearing an orange shirt collar and a candy corn tie.

Brandon Griggs/Unsplash

7. Weimaraner In A Witch Hat

This sweet Weimaraner pup looks unsure of the witch hat it’s wearing, and it’s the cutest Halloween background for Zoom if you want people to smile.

Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

8. Ghost And Bat Cookies

This cute Zoom background for Halloween features some ghost and bat-shaped cookies, plus a cookie that says “Boo!” on top of a grey tablecloth.


9. Dog With Pumpkin

Zoom call with this sweet background of a Golden Retriever sitting on a bridge with a small pumpkin in its mouth.

Josh Hild/Pexels

10. Pumpkin Cupcake

This festive backdrop of a cupcake includes orange frosting and a sweet Jack-o-lantern topper.


11. Pink Aesthetic

You might not associate millennial pink with the holiday, but this cute Halloween Zoom background will change your mind. Featuring a pink backdrop, a white pumpkin with a festive design, and a painted pink pumpkin that says “Happy Halloween,” it has no shortage of holiday spirit.


12. Royal Kitty

Katarzyna Modrzejewska/Pexels

13. Pug-icorn

Hop on a call with this background of a Boston terrier wearing a pink unicorn costume complete with a golden horn.

mark glancy/Pexels

14. Flying Lessons

Get your own witch flying lessons with this background for Zoom, which features a cute pair of witch boots and a quaint sign on a blue porch.

Bee Felten-Leidel/Unsplash

There are so many options that don’t fall into the scary category, and now that you have some cute Halloween Zoom backgrounds you can easily brighten up your holiday calls.

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