Creepy Video Shows Man Stumbling Upon 'Missing Persons Shrine' In Woods

October is upon us, and so soon we will embark on our annual celebration of brutality, violence, horror and B-list celebrities wearing blackface.

Yes, Halloween is coming.

And to help you herald in the weirdest and most troubling of holidays, I'll tell you the story of a man who found himself in the middle of the woods, scared out of his mind.

One man was taking a stroll through the forest with his black-bladed knife (as one does during the spectacle that is American autumn), when he came across what looked like a makeshift campsite.

There, surrounding the campsite, the man found several laminated pieces of paper stuck to a tree.


Upon closer inspection, he saw these pieces of paper were actually missing persons signs. Right there in the middle of the woods.


Not only that, but the missing persons signs were for all different women....


From all different states.


He was justifiably weirded out, and he made a video chronicling his fear and confusion.

Tiny piece of advice, though: If you're making a video about finding missing persons signs for a bunch of different women in the middle of the woods, maybe don't poke the missing persons signs with your terrifying, animal-gutting, black blade.


Now, Reddit, seeing this story, did what Reddit does best: They began investigating.

The explanation they  discovered, if it's to be believed, was pretty boring: Someone had simply set up these decorations for morbid Halloween purposes.


Well, that's according to "CrazyIrishBstsrd." Still trying to corroborate this very dull claim.

But even if it is fake, imagine not knowing any of that and finding yourself alone in the woods, where someone else had calmly stapled printouts of missing women to trees that no one would see.

Happy Halloween.

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