Couple's Detailed Post On Scary Airbnb With 'Blood-Stained' Sheets Will Haunt You


Airbnb hack: If you're staying somewhere that has never been reviewed before, you'd better be pretty confident it's going to be great.

The alternative is you end up somewhere that's, at best, dirty and, at worst, some kind of creepy prison.

That's what greeted an engaged couple when they turned up at a house they rented out for a night – and it looks so, so gross.

The woman posted a description of their stay on Reddit, along with photos showing an unplugged smoke alarm, a filthy bathroom and stained blankets.


Writing about the blankets, she said,

Looks like blood to me, I've stained enough blankets on accident with my period to know what little blood puddles look like dried up.


While that might be the grossest part of the house, it's not even close to being the scariest.

One of the bedrooms -- thought to belong to a little girl -- locked only from the inside, meaning people could be locked in, but couldn't get out.

They realized this when they were woken in the middle of the night by a family member pounding on the door, desperate to get out.


So this may well have been some kind of murder den -- a really dirty murder den.

The woman wrote,

There were cupcake wrappers and cum stains in the sheets and bloodstains on the blankets. The stove and countertops were dirty with a weird sticky scum, there was an open apple juice container on the counter and the trash can was completely full. The bathroom had pubic hair on the floor and the sink had beard hair in it.

Even your college dorm sounds nice compared to that, right?

They also found a bed bug monitor and spider killing spray, which can't be encouraging when you're staying in a stranger's home.

After spending the night (why would you do that?) they got the hell out of there the next day, leaving the host his first review.

Spoiler alert: It wasn't positive.

We know by now Airbnb is a lottery, and you could end up in an awesome, clean pad in an amazing area.

But if you're unsure about a place that hasn't been reviewed yet, maybe stay clear.